Pope Breaks the Music Business

I’m not sure where I got this news feed from, but my eyes connected the title with the Pope image before I actually had time to think about it. It must have been the word “broke” with an image of actual breaking. This was just funny to me, that’s all :)


U.S. Entry Visa Cluster Bleep

Ania and I want to visit U.S. later this year, and planning is well under way. This meant getting an entry visa for Ania, as all Polish citizens require one to enter U.S. This is not quite where my anger lies, but it’s a good start. Poland is one of only five European countries left that…

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It’s Been a While

My blogging hasn’t been steady for the past couple of years and I’m not sure how to fix that. I simply have less time, more of a private life, and stuff at work I can’t talk about that limit my blogging topics. Maybe I’m just growing up. Overall I think I need to rethink my…


Chocolate Walkin’

We took both of our chocolate labs for a hike on Sunday. Ours is of course the larger of the two, Fado, the 6-month old pup Rico was a loaner from Ania’s mom :) I was actually pretty surprised to see the little one handle the hike like a champ. I was half expecting Rico…


The After Christmas Market 2014

My wife claims that my blog has gone the way of electric avenue with focus strictly on electric mobility. Granted, the past few posts have been rather work/hobby related, so I will try to put the personal back into this personal blog. Would a Christmas market post be too late? :) I didn’t really have…


Charge Station Fail

I’ve written about Galactico charging stations having some issues in my Tesla post, but today I had a chance to find out first hand the pain of not having anywhere to plug in with a dead battery. I went out for a Sunday ride around the city and got my battery down to two bars,…


My Tesla

Tesla’s are not a common sight in Poland and I haven’t seen one personally anywhere in Wrocław. There are only 12 registered Teslas Model S in all of Poland at the time of this writing, a country of roughly 38million people. But chances of encountering the 13th Tesla have been greatly improved as its owner…