Wild Stones

The German name for this mountain spot in the south of Poland is Wilde Löcher, which Google translates into Wilde Holes or Openings. Polish translation would sound more like Erroneous Rocks. The overall idea is that there are a lot of big rocks, stones, and boulders here with very tight walkways made in-between, making getting…

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Book Review – The Third Wave

Listened to: June, 2016 I came across this book as it was pretty heavily recommended by a few sites I happened to stumble upon about a month ago. The third wave is…well, you gotta read it first I suppose. But the basic idea is that we take for granted technology that was very much unheard…


Break The Silence – TEDx Wrocław 2016

Today Ania and I attended a TEDx Wrocław event called Break The Silence. It was my third TEDx Wroclaw event, and it was the best TEDx Wroclaw to date! I’ve been a little critical of the past events, but this year the TEDx Wroclaw crew raised the bar way high with all aspects of the…


Mini Vacation Recap

As you were able to pick up by the last three posts, we spent a few days at the Polish sea side about a week ago now. I don’t really have much to add to the previous posts other than I wanted to post a few remaining photos and a quick video from that trip.…


Vacation Food

There are two things we consumed in heavy rotation during our stay at the sea side: fish & chips, and waffles! Ok, so there was an occasional smoked fish, too, but all in all, fish and waffles was the theme of our daily routine. An extremely delicious routine if I may say so myself. Fish & chips…


Trailer Trike

I saw this trike pulling a trailer on the highway today. Honestly, I don’t see any sense in this. You’re out in the open to the elements, but you’re basically a car. With a camper trailer to boot. The setup itself is pretty impressive though.


Fado At The Beach

Technically dogs are not allowed at the beach. But we just couldn’t deny Fado all this fun in the sun with his frisbee.  (More photos once I get back to a laptop and a reliable internet connection)