Vacation Food

There are two things we consumed in heavy rotation during our stay at the sea side: fish & chips, and waffles! Ok, so there was an occasional smoked fish, too, but all in all, fish and waffles was the theme of our daily routine. An extremely delicious routine if I may say so myself. Fish & chips…


Trailer Trike

I saw this trike pulling a trailer on the highway today. Honestly, I don’t see any sense in this. You’re out in the open to the elements, but you’re basically a car. With a camper trailer to boot. The setup itself is pretty impressive though.


Fado At The Beach

Technically dogs are not allowed at the beach. But we just couldn’t deny Fado all this fun in the sun with his frisbee.  (More photos once I get back to a laptop and a reliable internet connection)


Baltic Sea

Here are a few photos from our current mini vacation by the sea. It’s actually much colder here than we had anticipated, but still a good get away from the daily work routine. 


Sunday Brew & Tacos

On Sunday we stopped by the “City Brewery”. The defunct looking complex of redbrick buildings actually used to be a brewery on-again, off again, from 1894 to 1996. Today, it has become a site of cultural gatherings of all sorts. Art galleries, art workshops, culinary workshops, indie clubs, it’s all there. On most weekends however,…


City Walking

May is known in Poland as the beginning of the grilling season, mostly because May is the first month warm and sunny enough to do anything outside. Temperatures in the 20°C+ (68°F) become fairly common and the sunshine wakes everything, and everyone, back to life. Saturday was so sunny and warm that we decided to…


Selling My Zoom

Remember my ‘Rust Bucket List’ post from 2011 where I introduced my newish Mazda 6? (LINK here) Well, five years later it’s time to bid farewell to that rust bucket, very literally speaking. Turns out that Mazda 6, years 2003 to 2008, was really poorly weatherproofed and rust is only a matter of ‘when’. Sure enough…