San Francisco Scoot’ing

I’m currently abroad working in San Francisco, but also riding a lot of Scoot scooters around the city. I wish I could say you should try Scoot next time you’re in town, but Scoot is really meant for San Francisco residents and that’s actually one of their rental requirements. So no tourists allowed, but after…

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A Taste of Europe

Wrocław hosted a “Taste of Europe” food festival last week. The proper translation would sound more to the tune of “Europe at the fork tip” or something along those lines. But my translation fits better as that’s exactly what it was: a bunch of vendors from different European countries showing off their local cuisine. We…

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Prague 2015

I’ve been to Prague a few times before, but this was Ania’s first time in the Czech capital and we took Fado along as well. Having Fado around a city weekend getaway was going to be a learning experience for us, but he passed with flying colors. We rented a pet friendly AirBNB apartment from…


Live From Prague

We’re in Prague! And by we I mean Ania, Fado and I. It’s super hot and just beautiful weather for sightseeing this great city. Here are a few photos from our first day here as I try to figure out this WordPress for iPad app.                


Charging at GOVECS

Galactico installed their charge station right in front of our GOVECS windows, and we couldn’t be happier to oblige and charge up our privately owned GOVECS scooters every day. It also makes for a pretty cool photo op as we get more and more visitors charging at this station. Last week we had client from…


Goldberg, Visiting Bosy

Remember Bosy and his fiance Magda from my Romania motorcycle trip? Well, it’s been a couple of years since our motorcycle expedition, and it’s been a pretty busy couple of years for my friends from the city of Złotoryja, or Goldberg in German, named after gold mines found in the region many decades ago. Bosy…


Saving the GoPro

In what could definitely be classified in the top ten of the stupidest things I have ever done, I managed to drop a GoPro camera into a cup of tea on my desk, without its waterproof case. There, I said it. Stupid. I won’t get into the series of events that led up to it,…